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Trifocal Lenses Turkey (Smart Lens) Antalya

Smart lenses are trifocal lenses that enable cataract patients over the age of 40 to see far, near and intermediate distances clearly.

Thanks to this operation, the need for patients to wear glasses is eliminated. Smart lenses are also known as trifocal lenses. These lenses are also suitable for the use of myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism patients whose eye structures are not suitable for laser treatment. The smart lens (trifocal intraocular lens) helps the patient to provide clear and quality vision at all distances.

Trifocal Lenses Turkey

Why Are Smart Lenses Needed?

All humans have a natural lens in their eyes, which is both transparent and elastic. Thanks to the flexibility of this lens, it can focus on the distance viewed by changing its shape every time you look near and far. Thus, we can see both far and near.

The natural lens inside the eye loses its flexibility as age progresses. For this reason, it cannot change shape and focus when looking close over time. In older ages, it also loses its transparency and cataracts occur.

Our own natural intraocular lens, which usually loses its flexibility around the age of 40, is an interchangeable lens. After our natural lens is deformed, an artificial lens called a smart lens is placed in its place. Thus, he will be able to focus both far and near. A patient with a smart lens, also known as an intraocular lens, does not develop cataracts in the future.

How Smart Lenses Work

Light entering our eyes from different distances is refracted from the existing lens and merges into a single focal point on the retina. In this way, we perceive the image. Our natural lens in our eyes does this by flexing itself according to different focal points. The same principle applies to the trifocal intraocular lens. It makes it possible to focus the light coming from far, near and middle distance with a single lens. In addition, with the smart lens, it is possible to adjust the focal distances where the person has problems in focusing. Smart lenses can be selected according to the eye type of the person. In this way, the need for multiple distance glasses is eliminated.

What are the Advantages of Smart Lenses?

Smart lens surgery is an operation that enables people with eye refraction problems such as myopia, astigmatism and hyperopia, as well as cataract problems, to see again in a healthy way. As a result of various examinations by ophthalmologists, it is decided whether smart lenses will be placed in the patient's eyes. In addition, within the scope of this assessment, the age and general health status of the person are also taken into consideration. The advantages of smart lenses are as follows;

  • Patients do not feel pain, ache or pain during smart lens surgery.
  • It is an operation that can be completed in about 10 minutes.
  • Intraocular lenses inserted in the operation can be used for a lifetime.
  • After the operation, there is no improvement in the eye numbers of the patients.
  • Smart lenses offer the opportunity to see multiple focal distances without wearing glasses.
  • With the use of smart lenses for the treatment of cataract eye disease, cataracts do not occur again in patients.
  • Smart lenses can be applied to patients with advanced eye numbers that cannot be corrected with laser.
  • After smart lens surgery, a significant increase in visual quality is observed.
  • After the intraocular lens operation, the patient does not need to be hospitalized.