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Gynecomastia Surgery Turkey (Male Breast Reduction Turkey)

Gynecomastia, the enlargement of breast tissue in male patients, is not an incurable problem.

Breast enlargement can occur in breast tissue, adipose tissue, or both. Gynecomastia does not cause any discomfort in terms of health. However, it is a problem that needs to be treated in terms of aesthetic appearance. Patients may have this condition due to hormonal imbalances, excess body fat, or a side effect of certain medications. As Lara City Clinic, we help our male patients achieve the look they desire with this operation.

Gynecomastia Turkey

Who Can Have Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia surgery is a suitable treatment for people whose condition cannot be treated with medication and who are in good general health. The gynecomastia candidate should not have any medical condition that would prevent recovery after such surgeries.

Gynecomastia Surgery Process

Anesthesia: Anesthesia application can be local or general depending on the type of operation. Due to anesthesia, pain is not felt during the operation. Then, according to the patient's condition, the appropriate one for the patient is selected by the surgeon from the following methods.

Liposuction Method: If the growth is in adipose tissue, liposuction is an effective treatment for gynecomastia. Surgeons make several incisions in the area and insert suction tubes that loosen and absorb excess fat.

Excision Method: If the growth is in breast tissue, surgeons can remove excess tissue through small incisions. In this method, surgeons can reposition the nipples for a symmetrical appearance and reduce their size if necessary.

In some cases, surgeons use both methods to give patients the look they want.

Recovery from Gynecomastia

Patients should expect dressings and bandages on their incisions. It is recommended to wear clothes that do not restrict body mobility to minimize swelling. The swelling will go away gradually. Patients will not feel anything other than mild numbness and discomfort in the surgery area. If the patient feels pain, it will be sufficient to take painkillers.

Patients can return to work approximately one week after surgery. It may take several weeks to fully recover and return to exercise routines. It is very important to rest and avoid alcohol and cigarettes to speed up the healing process.

Does Gynecomastia Leave Scars?

The formation of surgical scars depends on the surgical technique. When an experienced surgeon performs the gynecomastia surgery, he knows how to place the scars and therefore the scars are less visible.