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Breast Reduction Turkey, Antalya Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery is to change the size and shape of the breasts by removing excess fat tissue.

Breast reduction surgery is performed to improve health problems as well as being an aesthetic procedure. While breast sizes that exceed body proportions create visual problems, they can also cause serious health problems. For this reason, breast reduction surgery is a necessary procedure for some patients. At Lara City Clinic, we perform breast reduction surgery for patients from all over the world. Breast reduction aesthetics is a surgery that improves a person's quality of life.

Breast Reduction Turkey

Who Needs Breast Reduction Aesthetics?

Many people prefer breast reduction surgery for aesthetic reasons. However, some patients are not satisfied with the size of their breasts and experience health problems. These health problems include chest, neck, shoulder and back pain, redness and irritation under the breasts. If you are experiencing one or more of these problems, breast reduction surgery can help you.

Breast Reduction Methods

There are three popular methods used in breast reduction surgeries. These are Reverse T, Vertical and liposuction method. The surgeon decides which method to use by looking at the patient's condition. The inverted T breast reduction method is also known as the anchor method. It is preferred by surgeons if the patient's breasts have significant sagging and need to be reshaped. The incisions start from the edge of the areola and go under the breasts. Since the surgical scars are under the breasts, they remain hidden.

If a slight reduction in breast size is required and there is significant sagging, the vertical breast reduction method will be ideal. With this method, surgeons reshape the breast and give it a natural appearance. Since the scars of the operations will still remain under the breast, they remain hidden.

Since liposuction is less invasive than other methods, it leaves less scars. If no breast reduction is required, breast reduction may be preferred by removing the fat tissue with the liposuction method. However, after the breasts shrink, they may need an erection to reshape. For this reason, in most cases, liposuction is combined with breast lift.

Can My Breasts Get Enlarged Over Time?

Breast reduction is a very effective procedure against sagging and treats chronic pain caused by large breasts in the upper body. However, if patients gain excess weight or become pregnant, their breasts may grow back in size. In addition, as the patient gets older, the breasts may sag again, even if they are not the same as before.