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Breast Lift Turkey (Mastopexy) Antalya

Breast lift surgery, in short, is an operation to lift sagging breasts. Breasts may sag due to genetics, pregnancy, breastfeeding, excessive weight gain and loss.

Thanks to new surgical methods, it is possible to lift sagging breasts. At Lara City Clinic, we operate on many patients from all over the world. Breast lift surgery gives our patients a more symmetrical and younger breast appearance.

Breast Lift Turkey

Who is Suitable for Breast Lift?

Every patient who has completed breast development can have breast lift surgery. If your breasts have lost their youthful appearance and become flattened, you may need breast lift surgery because your aeros are pointing down rather than forward. Also, if your aeros are under the breast rather than in the middle, or if one breast is lower than the other, you may want to consider a breast lift.

Breast Lift Methods

Each woman's breast structure is different and not all of them can be erected with the same method. Therefore, which breast lift method will be chosen depends on the patient's condition. The degree of sagging of the patient, the age of the patient and other conditions are taken into consideration when surgeons decide which method to perform breast lift surgery.

Periareolar Breast Lift: This method is preferred in cases where sagging is mild. The surgeon makes a small incision on the outside of the areola to make a small lift.

Vertical Breast Lift: This method is preferred in cases where sagging is moderate and if the breasts need to be reshaped.

Anchored Breast Lift: This method, named after the shape of the incisions, requires three incisions. This method is used in cases where sagging is excessive and in the treatment of asymmetry.

Can My Breasts Sagging Again?

Since breast lift is not a preventive procedure, your breasts may sag again with age. However, your breasts will look much better than before. If you are unhappy due to sagging in later ages, you can have this surgery again.