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Boob Job in Turkey (Breast Augmentation or Breast Enlargement) Antalya

Glance to breast augmentation surgery (Reading time is about 1 minute)
Procedure Time Boob job turkeyis about 1 – 2 hours, But depends on complexity of procedure
Anaesthetic Type General anaesthetic
Hospital Stay 1 day
Support Garment Yes, you will use surgical post breast augmentation bra about 6 weeks
Flying after surgery It depends on, typically you should wait at least 4 days
How to sleep after breast augmentation Elevated on back 2 weeks
How long after breast augmentation can i drive 1 week
Up & Mobile 1 week
Sexual Activity 4 – 6 weeks
Back to Work 1 – 2 week, but depends on the complexity of surgery and patient.
Excercise You will exercise after breast augmentation, 4 – 6 weeks later
Full recovery Time 6 weeks later
Final Results 6 – 12 months
Pain No pain during the procedure, but discomfort after surgery
Worth it Yes because of good results and lower risk in Turkey
Success rate Generally high, and many patients are satisfied with the results.
Insurance cover? Depends on your insurance service.
Natural results? Yes results are guite natural
Suitable age Over 18 is better.
What size of implant? If surgeon will use implant, he will make consultation with you. Together you will chose.
Any risk Like many surgeries, some complications are possible. But typically rare complications
Any scar Yes, there are typically scars associated with breast augmentation surgery, but the location and visibility of these scars can vary depending on the surgical technique and incision chosen by the surgeon
Lifespan, How long the breast implants last? On average, breast implants may last 10 to 20 years or longer. But depends on many factors
Advice Please look at Breast augmentation turkey before and after photos and reviews If you are looking breast augmentation near me, one of the best surgeons in Turkey and to learn our boob job cost turkey please contact us.
Boob Job in Antalya Turkey

What is breast augmentation surgery?

Breast augmentation, known as also this procedure a boob job, is a frequent cosmetic surgery performed all over the world since it improves a person's breast size and shape using implants.

The main objective is to give the breasts more volume and fullness, usually using breast implants or fat transfer. The most popular technique involves inserting silicone or saline-filled implants into the breast tissue or behind the chest muscle. The patient's objectives and the surgeon's suggestions will influence the choice of implant type, size, form, and implantation site.

Fat transfer, or fat transfer breast augmentation, is another option, involving liposuction to remove fat from other areas, purifying the harvested fat cells, and injecting them into the breasts to increase their size. This method is generally more natural-looking but may have limitations in terms of augmentation degree compared to implants. Boob job Antalya is typically chosen by individuals who desire larger or more proportionate breasts, restore lost volume due to pregnancy or weight loss, or improve breast symmetry.

Why choose a breast enlargement? Benefits of breast augmentation

Some benefits of breast augmentation turkey are given below:

  • Enhanced breast augmentation size and volume.
  • Improved breast symmetry.
  • Enhanced self-confidence.
  • Increased clothing options.
  • Enhanced body proportions.
  • Restored breast volume after pregnancy or weight loss.
  • Improved body image.
  • Enhanced femininity.
  • Increased self-esteem.
  • Balanced breast appearance.
  • Corrected congenital breast deformities.
  • Reconstructed breasts after mastectomy.

What is the difference between breast augmentation and breast reconstruction?

Breast augmentation surgery is a procedure designed for healthy individuals with aesthetic concerns. This surgical intervention aims to improve the appearance of individuals without a medical necessity. Breast augmentation is usually performed using breast implants or fat transfer. Additionally, breast reconstruction after breast cancer surgery also falls within the scope of this surgical field.

After mastectomy (breast removal), breast reconstruction may be performed to recreate one or both breasts. This procedure aims to compensate for the patient's breast loss and restore her physical appearance. Breast implants are used during breast reconstruction. These implants are carefully selected, taking into account the patient's preferences and body structure.

Who is suitable for breast augmentation?

12 criteria as a answer to Do you need a boob job? are below:


Generally 18 or older for saline implants, 22 or older for silicone implants.

Good Health

Candidates should be in good overall health.

Realistic Expectations

Candidates for breast enlargement turkey should have realistic expectations about the outcomes.

Psychological Readiness

Emotional preparedness for the procedure is crucial.

Stable Weight

Weight should be stable to maintain results.

Not Pregnant or Breastfeeding

Surgery is typically not recommended during these times.

Specific Goals

Candidates should have clear goals for augmentation.

Informed Decision-Making

Candidates must be well-informed about the procedure.

No Active Infections

Active infections should be resolved before surgery.

Non-Smoker or Willing to Quit

Smoking can increase risks, so quitting may be required.

No Contradictions

No medical contraindications for surgery.

Preparing for breast enlargement surgery

You should follow some advices for proper healing after breast enlargement Antalya.

  • Research qualified plastic surgeons.
  • Schedule consultations with multiple surgeons.
  • Discuss expectations, risks, and potential complications with the surgeon.
  • Get a comprehensive health check-up.
  • Quit smoking and avoid alcohol before surgery.
  • Follow pre-surgery guidelines provided by the surgeon.
  • Arrange for someone to drive you home after the procedure.
  • Plan for post-surgery recovery time off work and other responsibilities.
  • Set up a comfortable recovery area at home.
  • Purchase necessary post-surgery supplies (pain medication, ice packs, loose clothing, etc.).
  • Arrange for someone to help with daily tasks during the recovery period.
  • Prepare a list of questions to ask the surgeon during the pre-surgery consultation.
  • Follow any pre-surgery dietary restrictions provided by the surgeon.
  • Avoid certain medications and supplements as advised by the surgeon.
  • Prepare a list of current medications and allergies for the medical team.
  • Arrange for childcare and pet care during the recovery period if necessary.
  • Mentally prepare for the surgery and the recovery process.
  • Confirm the surgery date, time, and location with the clinic.
  • Stay hydrated and maintain a healthy diet leading up to the surgery.
  • Practice relaxation techniques to manage pre-surgery anxiety.

Breast augmentation procedure

Breast job in turkey is performed with steps given below:


You will meet with a surgeon to discuss goals and assess candidacy.


You will receive anesthesia to ensure comfort during the procedure.


Your surgeon will make incisions (periareolar, inframammary, or transaxillary).

Pocket Creation

Surgeon will create a space in breast tissue or under the muscle for the implant.

Implant Selection

Your surgeon will choose implant type, size, and shape in consultation with the surgeon.

Implant Insertion

Surgeon will carefully place chosen implant into the created pocket.


Proper placement and symmetry of implants will be done.

Incision Closure

Your surgeon will close incisions with sutures, tape, or adhesive.

Dressings and Bandages

Dressings and bandages for protection. breast augmentation drains are last steps of procedure.

How do I choose a breast reduction surgeon?

  • Ensure the surgeon is board-certified in plastic surgery.
  • Choose a surgeon with extensive experience in breast reduction procedures.
  • Research the surgeon's reputation through reviews and testimonials.
  • Schedule consultations with multiple surgeons to discuss your concerns.
  • Review before-and-after photos of the surgeon's previous breast reduction patients.
  • Check if the surgeon has privileges at a reputable hospital.
  • Choose a surgeon who communicates clearly and openly about the procedure and risks.

Breast Augmentation Turkey Aftercare

You should follow criteria given below for good breast augmentation recovery

  • Regularly see the surgeon for follow-up appointments.
  • You should take prescribed medications as directed.
  • Avoid heavy lifting or strenuous activities.
  • Wear compression garments as advised.
  • Gradually resume physical activities per doctor's guidance.
  • Sleep on your back to avoid pressure on breasts.
  • Keep the surgical area clean and dry.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol intake.
  • Maintain a balanced, nutritious diet.
  • Protect incision scars from direct sun exposure.
  • Wear a supportive bra, especially during physical activity.
  • Avoid underwire bras until approved by the surgeon.
  • Watch for signs of infection, excessive swelling, or unusual

Please don't hesitate to contact with a member of the team if you have any more inquiries or would like more details about what to expect after breast surgery. You can also click here to schedule your free video consultation.

Is breast augmentation surgery painful?

No, breast augmentation is not painful due to local anesthesia.

Post-operative discomfort for breast augmentation is frequently experienced during the initial phase of recuperation. Painkillers are recommended for aftercare. People perceive pain or dscomfort after procedure differently; some people find it moderate and bearable, while others may feel more severe suffering. Adhering to the surgeon's post-operative care instructions is crucial for minimizing pain and ensuring a smoother recovery.

Is breast augmentation worth it?

Yes breast augmentation is typically worth it. There are many factors indicating it is worth it including enhanced confidence, improved proportions, psychological well-being, increased social and career If it is performed by skilful surgeons, procedure has also no or rare risks.

How much does breast augmentation cost? How much is a breast enlargement?

Breast augmentation prices in Turkey differ from €2,000 and €4,000. Breast augmentation cost (average boob job cost) in EU is typically expensive than Turkey and differs from €4,000 to €8,000 or more, However breast augmentation turkey price changes according to several factors like surgeon qualifications, medical facilities quality and clinic reputation. Consultations with qualified surgeons are essential for accurate pricing and discussing specific needs and expectations.

When can I fly after breast augmenttaion surgery?

No, you will not feel pain during all on 4 treatment.

You can fly 4-7 days later after breast augmentation.

The best time to fly after boob job surgery will depend on how quickly each patient heals, the surgical technique employed, and the surgeon's advice. Flying is not advised within the first three days following surgery as it may result in pain, edema, and discomfort. It is essential to speak with the surgeon before making any travel arrangements.

Can breast augmentation and other surgeries be combined?

Yes breast augmentation and other surgeres can be comibined. The decision depends on the patient's individual goals, overall health, and the surgeon's recommendations. Common combinations include breast lift (Mastopexy), tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty), liposuction (to remove excess fat), facial procedures (facelifts or eyelid surgery), and body lift (for weight loss patients) to achieve a comprehensive makeover.

Can I shower after breast enlargement? How?

Yes, you can shower after breast enlargement. It is adviced to wait at least 48 hours after surgery to allow time for incisions to heal and reduce infection risk. Consult with your surgeon before taking your first shower, as they will provide personalized guidance based on your surgery and healing progress. Keep incisions dry during and after the shower, with waterproof dressings or plastic wrap recommended.

When can I exercise again after a breast augmentation?

You can exercise about six week later. However the best time to start exercising again after a breast augmentation procedure varies on a number of variables, including how well each patient is mending individually, the surgical methods used, and the surgeon's recommendations. After surgery, you should relax and stay out of any strenuous physical activities for the first few days.

Around the two-week mark, light, low-impact exercises can be resumed, but it's critical to speak with your surgeon before beginning any fitness program. It's important to gradually resume exercise, pay attention to your body, and cease any activities that make you feel uncomfortable. Before starting an exercise program again, speak with your surgeon to ensure adequate recovery for breast augmentation and risk-free physical activity.

Risks and complications of breast enlargement surgery

Breast enlargement is generally safe procedure in Turkey. However side affects are possible after the procedure. Rare risks are:

  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Changes in nipple sensation
  • Scarring
  • Implant leakage or rupture
  • Capsular contracture (hardening of the breast tissue around the implant)
  • Implant displacement or malposition
  • Rippling or wrinkling of the skin over the implant

Why do patients chose Turkey for breast augmentation? Is Turkey a good place to get breast implants?

Because Turkey is safe for this surgery and has very good health care backround including facilities and surgeons.

  • Lower breast augmentation surgery cost
  • Skilful plastic surgeons
  • Modern facilities
  • Good tourustic destinations
  • No waiting time
  • All-inclusive breast augmentation turkey package
  • Some reasons to prefer Turkey for breast uplift are as shown:


    Turkey offers competitive breast augmentation price for breast augmentation surgery.

    Quality Medical Facilities

    The country has modern hospitals and clinics meeting international standards.

    Skilled Surgeons

    Turkey boasts experienced plastic surgeon specializing in breast augmentation.

    Medical Tourism Packages

    Comprehensive breast augmentation turkey package (Boob job turkey all inclusive) often includes accommodation, transportation, tourism

    Tourist Attractions

    Patients can explore Turkey's culture and history post- natural breast enlargement (Natural bob job)

    Shorter Waiting Times

    Reduced wait times for consultations and surgery appointments.

    Advanced Techniques

    Surgeons stay updated on the latest Turkey breast augmentation methods.

    English Proficiency

    Many medical professionals can communicate in English.


    Turkey has a strong reputation for medical tourism.

    Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

    During a fat transfer breast augmentation, plastic surgeons liquefy the fat cells and remove them from your body through liposuction. They then inject purified fat cells into carefully selected areas, naturally increasing breast size. This technique carries lower risks compared to the implant method used in breast augmentation surgeries. Additionally, this method can be preferred to tighten sagging breasts.

    What is a fat transfer breast augmentation?

    A fat transfer breast augmentation offer an aesthetic solution by using natural fat sources in the body. In this method, surgeons collect carefully selected fat cells from various parts of the body. Then, they inject these special fat cells into the breast area, resulting in natural enlargement.

    This unique approach not only serves the purpose of enlarging the breasts, but also offers a significant slimming and aesthetic balance by removing fat from other parts of the body. In this way, patients not only get the fuller breasts they want, but also a harmonious harmony in their body lines.

    Should I have fat transfer breast augmentation?

    The choice of breast augmentation is a personal decision of the individual. If you want to have fuller breasts but are not interested in breast implants, you may consider this procedure. Fat transfer can increase breast volume by 1 or 1.5 sizes. If you want to have fuller and larger breasts, then breast implants will be your choice. 

    Who should not get a fat transfer breast augmentation?

    Individuals with low body fat may not be suitable candidates for fat transfer. The fat to be injected is taken from the patient's body and some of the fat cells removed during the procedure die. Therefore, more is taken than the amount to be injected. For people with low fat, breast implants may be suitable instead of fat transfer.

    People who are obese, experience extreme weight fluctuations, or smoke may not be suitable candidates for fat transfer. Ideal candidates should be in good general health, be a non-smoker, and be able to maintain a weight that is healthy for them.

    How is a fat transfer breast augmentation performed?

    Fat transfer breast augmentation is a procedure performed under general anaesthesia.

    By the plastic surgeon during the procedure:

    Fat cells are removed from the appropriate parts of your body with liposuction. The extracted fat cells are purified with the help of various devices.

    Purified fat cells are injected into different tissue layers inside your breasts with the help of special syringes. Purified fat cells are injected into different tissue layers inside your breasts with the help of special syringes.

    How long does a fat transfer breast augmentation last?

    Fat transfer breast augmentation provides long-term results. It usually takes six months for the results obtained after aesthetic surgery to fully appear. During this time, the transferred fat cells adapt to their new location and remain in this area for life. In some cases, providers usually inject more fat cells than needed, as some fat cells may die after injection.

    Individuals who undergo breast augmentation with fat transfer are generally satisfied with the results they achieve. With advanced techniques in the field of aesthetic surgery, patients usually have positive experiences in achieving the desired breast size.

    What is recovery like after a fat transfer breast augmentation?

    Your surgeon will apply an elastic bandage and recommend a special surgical bra to support your breast and achieve excellent results after the breast aesthetic procedure. This special bandage and bra are designed to optimise your post-operative process and speed up recovery. The effective use of the bandage and bra will support the correct placement of fat deposits.

    After surgery, a one-week recovery period will be needed for your body to relax and recover. During this time, it is recommended that you take a one-week break from work and other physical activities. This rest period will help your body to enter a healthy healing process and achieve the desired aesthetic results.

    Remember that following the recommendations of your plastic surgeon is important to ensure that the postoperative period goes smoothly. By following these recommendations, you can experience a faster recovery process and achieve the aesthetic appearance you want.