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Brazilian Butt Lift Turkey, BBL Surgery Turkey Antalya Cost

Butt lift, also known as brazilian butt (BBL), is one of the most popular plastic surgeries among female patients.

Butt lift operations can give patients the butt size they want and a lift for a younger, firmer look. Butt lift aesthetics, which enables the reshaping and positioning of the buttocks, is a safe and uncomplicated surgery that gives patients what they want. At Lara City Clinic, we perform butt lift aesthetics for patients from all over the world.

Brazilian Butt Lift Turkey

Butt Lift Methods

Lipofilling: It is the method in which the butt is enlarged by using the patient's own body fat. Surgeons remove body fat from other body areas, such as the back or abdomen, with liposuction. Then they inject fat into the buttocks. However, in order to use this method, the patient's body must have sufficient fat.

Implants: It is the butt augmentation method used in cases where the patient is not suitable for the lipofilling method. Before the operation, the patient and the doctor decide on the size and material together while the buttock augmentation is performed with the implant. Butt augmentation operations with implants take longer than lipofilling.

Who Is Suitable For Butt Lift?

In order to have butt lift surgery, the patient must be in good general health and must be over the age of 18. In addition, any patient who thinks that his or her butt is not large, full or shaped can have a butt lift. In general, the hips sag and lose volume due to genetics and aging. For this reason, butt lift is an operation preferred mostly by patients over the age of 40.

Recovery After Butt Lift

We recommend our patients to wear compression garments to reduce swelling after surgery. After butt lift surgery, patients spend the first night in the hospital. Patients need to lie face down for several days. Recovery time may vary depending on the surgical method. Patients can usually return to their daily lives after two to three weeks. However, patients should wait for doctor's permission to exercise. The surgeon performing the butt lift surgery will give the patient additional tips on the care of the operated area.

Does Butt Lift Leave Scars?

The scar of the butt lift aesthetic varies according to the method of the surgery. Lipofilling leaves almost no traces as it is an injection method. Surgeons need to make an incision to place the implants in the area. However, these incisions are placed in hidden areas.