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Treatment Packages in Antalya Turkey

You can reach the most accurate and beautiful results with the treatment that suits you.

DHI Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

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Liposuction Antalya

Obesity Surgery

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Dental Implant Antalya

Dental Treatments

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Gastric Bypass Antalya

Aesthetic Surgery

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Smart Lens Turkey

Eye Treatments

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Rhinoplasty Antalya

Face Aesthetics

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Contracted Hotels & Transportation

DAM Hotel Lara

DAM Hotel

The motto of DAM hotel, designed with Aegean and Alaçatı architecture and visual concept, is "to make all our local and foreign guests feel the Turkish hospitality and family warmth and to provide a clean, high-quality, hygienic and sustainable service"


Lorem Hotel

Our guests at Lorem Hotel; With its magnificent location, they can easily reach all the amenities of the city. Guests who want to immerse themselves in the atmosphere can take a walk on Old Lara Road and easily reach Terracity Shopping Mall for pleasant shopping.

Optimum Luxury Hotel

Optimum Luxury Hotel & SPA

Optimum Luxury Hotel & SPA, in Antalya Lara Region, the pearl of the Mediterranean, we open our doors to you, our valued guests, to experience the perfect harmony of history, culture, luxury and comfort for an unforgettable stay.

ON Hotel

ON Hotel

ON Hotel, where all details have been considered for your convenience and comfort, offers you the best service with its room and accommodation features, food and beverage concept, paid and free activities and perfect location.

Wise Hotel

Wise Boutique Hotel & Spa

Wise Boutique Hotel & Spa, where we offer a different concept to our valued guests who aim to both relax and have fun in the time they have left from work, in the undying lights of the city, is located near the Old Lara road of Antalya.


VIP Transfer

We pick up our valued guests from the airport with our luxury vehicles and take them to your hotel.

Reshape your life with Laracity Clinic feel different!

  • Dental treatments improve oral hygiene.
  • They enhance smile aesthetics.
  • Prevent future dental issues.
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Consulting Support

We stand by our patients who apply at every step; By providing consultancy services, we provide support at any time from passport transactions to transportation processes.

100% Customer Satisfaction

We consider the satisfaction of our patients our primary goal and provide a reliable and transparent service by sharing detailed information about all processes.

Luxury Accommodation

In order to ensure the comfort and convenience of our patients throughout the treatment process, we offer a home-like experience with luxury hotel options.

Prestigious Health Institutions

We provide our patients with consultancy services about the clinics and hospitals where they can receive treatment, and provide them with access to the highest quality treatment opportunities.

Patient Comments


"I was very satisfied with the services of Laracity during my dental treatment in Antalya. The clinic's environment was extremely hygienic and the doctors are truly experts at their job. The Laracity team planned everything from start to finish and it was a comfortable experience for me. I am thinking of returning to Turkey and recommending this service to my friends."


"I came to Antalya for a hair transplant and the process went very smoothly thanks to the services of Laracity. I stayed in a good hotel and hospital transfers were made on time. The knowledge and skill of my doctors and healthcare team has led me to say that I am very satisfied with the treatment results."


"I came to Antalya for bariatric surgery and working with Laracity was one of the best decisions. Thanks to their support, I never felt alone during the process. I was fully informed about all the processes and the results were life changing for me."


"I came to Antalya for plastic surgery and I was very satisfied with the services of Laracity. The doctors and clinical staff were highly professional and experienced. The Laracity team was with me throughout the whole process and I had a comfortable experience during my time in Antalya."


"I traveled to Antalya for non-surgical aesthetic treatments and am grateful to be working with Laracity. Thanks to them, I received support and guidance at every stage of the process. The clinic and doctors were extremely professional and knowledgeable. I was very satisfied with the services of Laracity during my holiday and treatment in Antalya."


"I came to Antalya from England for implant treatment and I am very happy to work with Laracity. My doctors and clinical staff were extremely professional and experienced. The Laracity team organized everything during the travel and accommodation process and provided a comfortable experience for me. I am very happy with the results and recommend Laracity to my friends who come to Antalya for treatment."


"I came to Antalya from Germany for the Smile Design treatment and was very satisfied with the services of Laracity. The clinic environment was hygienic and comfortable, my doctors were very successful in their work. Laracity provided support throughout the entire process and made my time in Antalya enjoyable and comfortable. I am very happy with the treatment results and would recommend Laracity to everyone."


"I came to Antalya from France for implant treatment and it was a great experience working with Laracity. My doctors and medical team successfully performed my treatment."

John Kneen

"Service throughout all aspects of treatment were superb and amazing staff. Treatment received in the clinic was performed by Ahmet who filled me with confidence and displayed professionalism throughout the procedure. Can't wait to return in six months to finish the treatment."


"Amazing experience from start to finish, all the staff are friendly and the dentists are extremely professional, if you are thinking of having treatment do not hesitate to visit dent laracity, you will not be disappointed."

Our benefits

Online Support

Online support is a crucial resource for solving problems quickly and effectively.


Online support is a crucial resource for solving problems quickly and effectively.

Guaranteed Treatment

Guaranteed dental treatment is performed by our expert dentists and provides healthy smiles.


Guaranteed dental treatment is performed by our expert dentists and provides healthy smiles.

Free Consulting

Thanks to our platform, developed using advanced data management methods, data quality reaches 100%, which is 20% better than other platforms.

Free Consulting

Free counseling helps solve problems by offering professional guidance.

Before & After

Before and After Ear Correction Surgery Turkey
Before and After Otoplasty Turkey
Before and After Teeth Whitening Turkey
Before and After Teeth Whitening Antalya
Before and After All on 6 Dental Implants Turkey
Before and After Dental Veneers Turkey
Before and After Dental Crown Turkey

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why us

The most suitable treatment option for you.

The most appropriate treatment option is determined by taking into account the individual's health status, specific needs and the doctor's clinical assessment. Each patient is unique and treatment should be individualized.

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We provide 24/7 continuous service to you.

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We are at your service with the latest technology equipment.

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Get a happy smile with your treatment.

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We are at your service with our professional staff.

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